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Completed Projects

ATSEP Competence Scheme

The aim of the project is to develop ATSEP Competence Scheme based on ICAO and EASA standards. This scheme plays an important role in the design, organization and implementation of training process for ATSEP personnel in compliance with ICAO standards and best international practices.

Within a project scope the ATSEP Training Manual is developed based on the results of thorough analysis of existing situation, as well as on understanding of necessary changes to be implemented in order to address challenges and problems.

EASA Regulations Alignment 

The objective of this strategically important project is to review Azerbaijan’s current regulatory framework for the provision of ATS, AIS, MET and CNS services in order to assess its convergence with the European ATM/ANS regulations. This project creates a solid foundation for international integration of Azerbaijan and implementation of the best AIS, MET and CNS standards. 

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To identify and review Azerbaijan´s main regulatory requirements and compare them to the European ATM/ANS framework as a first step towards assessing potential convergence into European Regulations.
  • To identify gaps and findings in the current regulatory structure and operational procedures that are necessary to solve to achieve such convergence.
  • To prepare a report with the outcome of the analysis, a roadmap and to implement necessary changes in order to enable the achievement of the previously mentioned objectives.