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Network Manager

The primary objective of our Network Manager service is to improve the performance of the aviation network in order  to address the real issues of the network while ensuring that performance targets are met.

ASEC provides the following NM services :

Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management:

  • monitoring the current Air Traffic Flow situation;
  • monitoring Demand and Capacity potential issues;
  • early decision support in order to mitigate the identified issues.

Tactical and pre-tactical forecast of Air Traffic Flow situation:

  • Aircraft Trajectories;
  • Airspace entry counts and Occupancy;
  • Airspace Controller Workload.

What-If Analysis:

  • testing regulation on traffic volumes;
  • testing sector merge/split;
  • testing airspace/sector configuration change;
  • comparing routing alternatives.

Development of mid-term and long-term forecasts in cooperation with Eurocontrol.