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Technology and Project Management. Infrastructure development

Infrastructure is a major investment, but it is also occasional – tending to spike every few years. It’s important to plan for this and maintain a watching brief on what needs updating. Without an effective, well maintained infrastructure you can’t keep pace with capacity or maintain the standards required for the latest legislation. Infrastructure assets are expensive, so to get maximum value they need to be sweated. Delivering infrastructure changes can cause serious disruption to passengers and the air service. There are often safety and training issues that need addressing.

ASEC is working on provision of  complete solutions that optimize assets. Solutions with ATM in mind

  • Our experience in air traffic management means that we look at each project with this as its focus, providing ANSP with a tailored solution that is proven to work;
  • We examine technology assets to assess how they meet ANSP’s current needs, allowing us to help to decide on the best way forward;
  • We provide ANSP with support  on a variety of projects. This has allowed us to develop valuable mechanisms that can take it through a road map of each project, ensuring it stays on track; that problems are anticipated and dealt with; and improvements are acted upon.