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Implementation of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Management System

“Azeraeronavigation” Air Traffic Department on May 10th fully implemented the Integrated Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system in the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS).

The transition of AIS of Azerbaijan to the modern method of Aeronautical Information Management - "AIS to AIM" was implemented with the support of "Azerbaijan Airlines” Closed Joint-Stock Company. The introduction of advanced technologies has allowed to organize a continuous flow of aeronautical information from originators to end users in digital form that will improve the quality of services provided in the field of providing aeronautical information, speeding up the process of processing and providing important information for ensuring the safety, regularity and efficiency of flights.

The new Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system reflects the concept of SWIM - System Wide Information Management in accordance with the Global Air Traffic Management Concept and is part of the ICAO road map. Considering the cross-border nature of SWIM, which covers modern air traffic management (ATM) systems in the field of digital data packages, SWIM supports the exchange of aviation, airport, flight, meteorological information, as well as observational information, on aircraft traffic flows and airspace capacity. This approach allows to provide an end-to-end information exchange among all providers and users of information in the air traffic management.

Mastering new technologies, AIS of Azerbaijan accepts the challenge of technology development and is ready to implement ideas that in the recent past seemed unattainable.